Carnival is a card game of set collection for 2-4 players, ages 12+, that utilizes dice to determine actions.

Players take on the roles of carnival bosses, trying to build rides along their Midway and open for business before all the other carnies can! Each turn, a player has the choice to roll three dice and chooses two of them to perform various actions that will allow them to gain cards from the deck, discard pile, their opponents’ hands or even steal valuable ride parts from other Midways. The coveted Wild cards are versatile: players can use them to fill in for missing parts on their rides or can discard them to refresh the cards in their hand. Each player also has three Tickets which may be discarded to affect the dice rolls or block other players’ actions.

The box full of components was designed to bring a rich, thematic experience to the table. The dice action tableau and Tickets are all thick, durable punchboard. The three wooden dice provide the nostalgic feel of Midway games of the past. And the beautiful, top-quality playing cards will withstand game after game of taking, trading and all the “take that!” action that Carnival provides.

Here’s a downloadable PDF of the rules.  And be sure to check back soon for variants and strategy notes!

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