Addendum: Game of the Year Games List

Yesterday, I announced the Dice Hate Me Game of the Year, and since then we’ve gotten some requests for a list of the games considered for this year’s awards. As Monkey238 mentioned in her awards description, she has played over 38 new games this year – an incredibly impressive number considering she was never really a “gamer” before I convinced her to geek out with me. My list is a bit smaller at 32 new games, but many of the games we played together (and are on her list) were games that I had played in previous years.

Here is a look at our list of the games we first experienced in 2010:

Dice Hate Me Games of 2010Monkey238 Games of 2010
Alien FrontiersAlien Frontiers
CathedralArkham Horror
Colossal ArenaBang!
EgiziaCold War: CIA vs. KGB
ExillisColossal Arena
Forbidden IslandChrononauts
Launch PadEgizia
LifeboatFireball Island
Monopoly DealForbidden Island
MowLast Word
Mr. JackLaunch Pad
Mr. Jack in New YorkLost Cities
PentagoMonopoly Deal
Pictionary Card GameMonopoly Express
Power GridMow
Puerto RicoMr. Jack
PylosMr. Jack in New York
Roll Through the AgesPandemic
Scrabble SlamPictionary Card Game
ShogunPower Grid
Spy AlleyRace for the Galaxy
Summoner WarsRoll Through the Ages
The Stars are RightSan Juan
ThingsScrabble Slam
Through the DesertSettlers of Catan
Ticket to RideShogun
Twilight StruggleSmall World
YamSlamSorry Sliders
Summoner Wars
The Stars are Right
Ticket to Ride
Twilight Struggle
Previous Game of the Year winners:

2008 Game of the Year: Arkham Horror (runner-up: Agricola)

2009 Game of the Year: Galaxy Trucker (runner-up: Small World)

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