Inevitable: First Impressions

Inevitable, by Jeremy P. Bushnell and Jonathan A. Leistiko, has a strange pedigree for a board game printed in 2010. It does not consist of flashy, over-produced cards, the rules are not distilled down to a 4-page leaflet, and it is filled with many, highly-geeky and often very obscure references to pop culture, cult films, underground comics, sci-fi and black comedies. It is rough around the edges, there is true grit in the crevices, and it almost feels as though it would be... Read More

Seven Habits of Highly Dysfunctional Boardgamers

For the most part, we boardgamers are a gregarious lot; we have to be since most boardgames require the participation of others.  Many of us enjoy the social aspect of gaming, and form strong bonds while beating the crap out of each other across the dinner table. I’ve been lucky to be a part of many gaming groups over the years, and from that experience I can tell you one thing, definitively: every group includes at least one of the following seven gamers. It’s these... Read More

DiXit:The Cure for the Common Party (Game)

Excerpt from The Everygeek’s Guide to Happy Gaming*: Party game (n) expletive: 1) Board/card game dug out from the depths of the game closet and dusted off when there is a congregation of 6 or more people consisting of over 50% females and/or close family members; 2) game of any sort within easy reach and easily understandable by the masses while intoxicated that would not ordinarily be tolerated by dedicated, hardcore gamers. See: Apples to Apples; Uno; Win, Lose or Draw;... Read More

It’s Cthulhu Tuesday

Hello gentle readers! I have two very Lovecraftian selections for you all today: First, I’ve officially opened the Dice Hate Me store! Inside you will find the first of many designs to come, as my archivists have uncovered a rare advertisement from an obscure purveyor of fine tonics and elixirs. Yes, it’s an old ad for Miska-Tonic! It’s necrilicious. Check it out here and select your favorite – a t-shirt or tote. Buy two, they’re small! Second, in... Read More

The Stars Are Right: Hold Onto Your Sanity

One of the main themes in H.P. Lovecraft’s horrific tales was man’s tenuous grasp on his fragile sanity. It’s pretty safe to say that this theme is carried out splendidly in The Stars Are Right. You will lose sanity points. Resistance is futile. This brain-twisting diversion from Steve Jackson Games is a bit of a conundrum. It’s billed as a card game, but the cards are the simplest component. The real heart of the game lies in the 5×5 grid of tiles... Read More

Alien Frontiers: A New World for Game Publishing

One of the biggest challenges for boardgame creators is getting that great idea from their minds to inside the stores so it can be put on the table. Traditionally, options have been limited: shop the game concept around to various large publishers in the hope that they will provide funding or self-publish a very small print run in the hopes of raising enough to support another edition. Recently, however, fledgling designers and publishers have found another alternative online... Read More