Things Man Was Not Meant To Roll – An Elder Sign Review

Like that poeticized beast whose time has come round again, so slouches another Arkham-based game toward your local retailer. Many gamers have asked just how often Fantasy Flight Games can dig into that cyclopean well of Mythos and mystery. Luckily for us Lovecraftian fiends, with Elder Sign the well has not yet been tapped. And yet, despite the gritty goodness that lurks within, from the moment I cracked the box I knew that the loss of sanity would be inevitable. For contained within this eldritch vessel lie dice – lots and lots of dice. Specialty dice, actually, with strange symbols etched into their glimmering surfaces; symbols that –... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 5 – The One About Mansions of Madness

The State of Games, Episode 5 is alive! And this may be our most controversial episode yet – at least amongst the rabid Cthulhu Mythos gamers amongst you. Bear with us, Lovecraftian fiends, we promise you the stars are right to talk of Things Man Was Not Meant to Know… About Mansions of Madness! Read More  Read More

Cthulhu Dice: A Battle for Sanity

This guest review brought to you by the letter C, the number 10 (tentacles), copious parenthetical asides, and a gaggle of exclamation points (!). When rival Cultists of Cthulhu get together for a party, it is likely a battle for sanity will ensue. (Cultists beware! A battle for sanity could possibly end with the entire world going mad!) The Game Cthulhu Dice by Steve Jackson (illustrated by Alex Fernandez) is a fun way to pass the time at your local pub or as a warm up game while everyone settles in for a longer battle against the Great Old Ones (such as Arkham Horror). The super cool (and quite pretty) dodecahedron is adorned with wee... Read More

It’s Cthulhu Tuesday

Hello gentle readers! I have two very Lovecraftian selections for you all today: First, I’ve officially opened the Dice Hate Me store! Inside you will find the first of many designs to come, as my archivists have uncovered a rare advertisement from an obscure purveyor of fine tonics and elixirs. Yes, it’s an old ad for Miska-Tonic! It’s necrilicious. Check it out here and select your favorite – a t-shirt or tote. Buy two, they’re small! Second, in honor of that rare eldritch find, I have prepared a review of The Stars are Right, by Steve Jackson Games. This card/tile-pushing puzzle game is challenging, a lot of fun,... Read More