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    Cthulhu Dice: A Battle for Sanity

    November 3rd, 2010

    Cthulhu Dice: Cultists Beware!This guest review brought to you by the letter C, the number 10 (tentacles), copious parenthetical asides, and a gaggle of exclamation points (!).

    When rival Cultists of Cthulhu get together for a party, it is likely a battle for sanity will ensue. (Cultists beware! A battle for sanity could possibly end with the entire world going mad!)

    The Game

    Cthulhu Dice by Steve Jackson (illustrated by Alex Fernandez) is a fun way to pass the time at your local pub or as a warm up game while everyone settles in for a longer battle against the Great Old Ones (such as Arkham Horror). The super cool (and quite pretty) dodecahedron is adorned with wee tentacles, Yellow Signs, an Elder Sign, and one menacing Cthulhu face (of horror and madness).

    I keep mine along with the 18 glass sanity tokens in an old gaming dice bag so I always have it ready at hand for a quick game wherever I may be. (Also, I’m really dorky.)

    It’s meant to be played by three to six players and seems to take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes no matter how many players there are. At a recent party we played several rounds: a few with 6 players, a couple with 3, and one with the two player variation. Game mechanics are simple and are fairly easy to learn (and retain) even after you’ve imbibed a few adult beverages.

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