The State of Games, Ep. 80: The One About Some Business & Baseball

To everything, turn, turn turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn… and a time for every podcast to make alterations. This podcast is all about those changes that can occur over the life of an entity, whether it be personal, business, social, or all three. Join us this time as we talk about a huge turning point for Dice Hate Me Games, even though it won’t really affect what we do on The State of Games. Rest assured, no matter what changes might occur on the business front, we’ll always be your source for a rambling good time in the world of board games. I’m pretty sure Stephanie will make sure of that. Read More  Read More

The State of Games Episode 68 – The One About Themes

Possibly one of the most hotly-contested topics in board gaming is theme, and with good reason – many gamers want to feel as though they are immersed in a game as they thwart their opponents and come up with a winning strategy. But is theme everything? Can you enjoy a game that has no apparent theme? And what, exactly, creates that immersive experience? It is these questions, and more, that lie within the heart of this podcast. Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Ep. 67 – The One About Guilty Pleasures

There are certain times when being bad is really, really good. That applies to B-Movies, richly decadent desserts and certain TV shows of the mostly-reality variety. Depending on your gaming circles, and gaming culture in general, this can also apply to board games. There are some days when you want to tell your Mediterranean trading game-loving circle of friends that they’re just going to have to trudge through Twilight Imperium for 10 hours – and this is our love song to just such a time. Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Episode 60 – The One About Women and Games

It was time. The female voice had been missing for far too long on this podcast. And, so, I set forth a challenge to three intrepid women gamers: Come on this podcast and get silly. And they did. And it was awesome. Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Episode 53 – The One About The Germans

Ah, October. The best time of the year. Fall leaves, decorative gourds as far as the eye can see, cool temperatures… oh, and board games. Lots and lots of board games. Especially if you happen to be in Germany. Essen, to be exact. You see, that’s where the world’s largest board game convention is held each year – and it is awesome. Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Episode 52 – The One About Beer

Yep, beer. We has it. Come and gets it. Read More  Read More

Couples Retreat 2012 Recap

It’s been a quiet few weeks here on Dice Hate Me, but that certainly hasn’t meant much quiet on the homefront. Quite the opposite, actually, as we’ve been gaming through the holidays and working like mad to get VivaJava wrapped and ready for its Kickstarter debut (Wednesday, Jan. 25 – mark your calendars!). If you listened to the last State of Games podcast – and if you haven’t, it’s right over here – you dear readers already know that we took a little gaming retreat with our friends Shawn and Jacki. I also promised a little closer look at some of the titles that hit the table, some for the very... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 17 – The One About Girls

Girls. They’re everywhere, you know. Or at least outside the game shop, it seems. Still, there are a few females – those glorious few – who put up with agape jaws and stammering starers to grace the gaming tables with the boys. This episode is dedicated to those lovely ladies who not only ignore us fellow’s warlike tendencies, but embrace it. Here’s to you, oh women of gaming – may we continue to not scare you away. Read More  Read More

Army of Dorkness: A Castle Dash Review

When Phil Kilcrease, founder of start-up game publishers 5th Street Games, first approached me about reviewing the relatively unassuming Castle Dash, I was a little hesitant. It’s not that I wasn’t interested, but I already had a long list of titles waiting patiently on my game table, all shiny and huge. However, it soon became apparent that the game was going to jump to the front of that list when Monkey238 saw the adorable cartoon soldiers adorning the cards and told me, in no uncertain terms, that we needed that game, and needed it now. Like a loving husband, I complied. At first glance, my initial hesitation seemed founded. The game came... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 12 – The One About Stronghold Games

Shhhh… someone out there is watching, and listening. We can’t give away too much about Episode 12 of The State of Games except to warn you that it seems as though someone is on the line. Who? We can’t say, but if you listen to the podcast, you’ll see what we mean. Just do yourself a favor – pretend it never happened. You’re safer that way. Read More  Read More