First Look at Dragon Clan Vu’ur

Yep, another week, another great update on Princes of the Dragon Throne from Clever Mojo Games. Last time, we learned that the dragons in this deck-builder are divided into four separate clans, and got some glimpses of the eight dragons of Clan Ma’ji. Now we get our first peek at another clan – Vu’ur! Clever Mojo’s W. David MacKenzie describes the new dragons, and gives a further glimpse into the mechanics of the game: “Hennig’vu’ur is an Emerald Dragon.  Normally a player can hold over two citizens in their tableau from turn to turn and these cards act as a hand extension, allowing a player to utilize... Read More

Dragons of Clan Ma’Ji Get a Makeover

Yowza, yowza, Dice Hate Me has the latest scoop on Princes of the Dragon Throne from Clever Mojo Games! In the last month, artist Don Aguillo has been cranking out new card art, and the design crew at Clever Mojo has been hard at work on a card interface overhaul. You can see the culmination of both in the images below. Along with the visual redesign, the dragons have gotten a little name change, as well. There will be seven dragon clans in Princes of the Dragon Throne and the dragons we have seen so far belong to Clan Ma’ji. Each clan dragon will have a unique name fashioned from the game’s draconic tongue, inspired outside the game... Read More

Citizens of Princes of the Dragon Throne

But wait, there’s more Princes of the Dragon Throne! Artist Don Aguillo has been burning the midnight oil, creating card art for two human elders, Lord Mark and Lady Lillian. They look pretty realistic, and they should – they’re modelled from the relatives of a certain Clever Mojo Games compatriot! The human elders will join the ranks of the Citizen Deck, which contains several races. Players can look forward to filling their decks with humans, elves, dwarves, trolls, kobolds and goblins in addition to all the cool dragons. Keep watching Dice Hate Me for more card art and news as the game progresses through development.  Read More

Here There Be More Dragons

Last month on Dice Hate Me, we spilled the beans on the newest project over at Clever Mojo Games – Princes of the Dragon Throne. Now – even though this card-drafting game isn’t due out until the end of 2011 - we’re lucky enough to have the first peek at the new card design, as well as some of the fantastic dragon art from trading-card art afficionado Don Aguillo. Check out the sneak peeks below, as well as a special in-house guide to deciphering the dragon cards. We’re not quite sure what it all means yet, but stay tuned to Dice Hate Me for more peeks behind the scenes in the coming months. As usual, click to embiggen... Read More

There Be Dragons at Clever Mojo Games

Hear ye, hear ye… there be dragons on the horizon!  Everyone can relax, though – these dragons are coming to us from our friends at Clever Mojo Games, the creators and publishers of Alien Frontiers. Clever Mojo has officially announced their newest release, The Princes of the Dragon Throne, due out by the end of 2011. The game seems pretty nifty, and promises a new twist in deck building as well as some unique card styling that highlights the art from Don Aguillo really well. The official game description, direct from Clever Mojo Games: “The Kingdom of Loen is vast. Its duchies and counties are populated by humans, elves, dwarves,... Read More