Citizens of Princes of the Dragon Throne

But wait, there’s more Princes of the Dragon Throne! Artist Don Aguillo has been burning the midnight oil, creating card art for two human elders, Lord Mark and Lady Lillian. They look pretty realistic, and they should – they’re modelled from the relatives of a certain Clever Mojo Games compatriot! The human elders will join the ranks of the Citizen Deck, which contains several races. Players can look forward to filling their decks with humans, elves, dwarves,... Read More

High Stakes Trivia – A Wits & Wagers Review

Math may sometimes confound me and dice certainly hate me, but there has always been one gaming staple that I could fall back on: trivia. Yes, I’m that guy that used to play in weekly trivia leagues, and the one that sometimes ruins Trivial Pursuit for the rest of the group. I’m not sure if someone at North Star Games was aware of all this when they offered to send me a review copy of Wits & Wagers, but after playing, I’m pretty sure that it was designed by someone that... Read More