Dragons of Clan Ma’Ji Get a Makeover

Yowza, yowza, Dice Hate Me has the latest scoop on Princes of the Dragon Throne from Clever Mojo Games!

In the last month, artist Don Aguillo has been cranking out new card art, and the design crew at Clever Mojo has been hard at work on a card interface overhaul. You can see the culmination of both in the images below. Along with the visual redesign, the dragons have gotten a little name change, as well. There will be seven dragon clans in Princes of the Dragon Throne and the dragons we have seen so far belong to Clan Ma’ji. Each clan dragon will have a unique name fashioned from the game’s draconic tongue, inspired outside the game world by mixes of foreign language translations of their primary habitat or temperament.

Brand-spanking new art for Clan Ma’ji from Don Aguillo!

New card layouts for the Ma’ji dragons that have been revealed so far.

So, no matter how much you love dragons, if your kingdom is completely overrun with them, you’re gonna need an exterminator. You could toss a few sheep their way and hope that keeps them busy for awhile, or you can call in the professional: the Dragonslayer.

Be sure to check back with Dice Hate Me soon for more news and previews of Princes of the Dragon Throne. Rumor has it that Clever Mojo Games will be releasing a beta prototype very soon, so hopefully we’ll all get a sneak peek at gameplay and mechanics before too long.

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3 Responses to “Dragons of Clan Ma’Ji Get a Makeover”
  1. tomg says:

    This looks fun. I’m in when you get your preview copy.

  2. dicehateme says:

    Absolutely! and I still want to play Eminent Domain. 😉

  3. tomg says:

    EmDo is due out soon. As soon as I has my copy I’ll let you know and we’ll schedule some gaming!!

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