There Be Dragons at Clever Mojo Games

Hear ye, hear ye… there be dragons on the horizon! ¬†Everyone can relax, though – these dragons are coming to us from our friends at Clever Mojo Games, the creators and publishers of Alien Frontiers. Clever Mojo has officially announced their newest release, The Princes of the Dragon Throne, due out by the end of 2011. The game seems pretty nifty, and promises a new twist in deck building as well as some unique card styling that highlights the art from Don Aguillo... Read More

I’ve Been Drinking on the Railroad – A TransEuropa Review

All aboard – and a plethora of other train puns too unbearable to publish – this week, a look at TransEuropa! Yes, yes, I can hear the collective groans now; a million (ok, a couple hundred) voices crying out, “Another train game?” Yes, dear readers, another train game. Bear with me during this brief review, though – a) it’s fun, b) you can play it blitzed, and c) it has about as much to do with trains as colored cubes do with making burgers. In... Read More

Alien Frontiers Second Printing Delayed

The bad news: The second printing of Alien Frontiers will be delayed by at least two weeks, missing the March 31st shipping date originally announced. The good news: the pre-order period has been extended! Here is the note posted today by Clever Mojo Games head W. David MacKenzie: “Panda Games Mfg just emailed to say that their dice subcontractor has failed to meet their delivery deadline and will not be able to get the dice to Panda’s assembly team before the plant... Read More

A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal – A Burger Joint Review

There’s just something strangely fascinating about playing with your food. Lately, it seems that gamers who like games and grub have had a buffet of choices: Wasabi!, Wok Star and Lord of the Fries are some that have been recently released. Since I was not one of the lucky few who grabbed up a scarce copy of Wok Star, I decided to go completely American and try my hand at fast food franchising with Burger Joint. The object of Burger Joint is to be the first foodie to reach... Read More

Clever Mojo Games Gets Steamy

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Steampunk fans will finally get a meaty boardgame they can call their own. Clever Mojo Games – the makers of Alien Frontiers – is currently working with New Zealand game designer Anthony Henning to produce Arkopolis Engines. No details are available for a specific release date, but the teaser art is looking pretty nifty. I’m a huge fan of Steampunk, so rest assured that there will be plenty more news and... Read More

The Table Ahead – Dice Hate Me in 2011

A new year is upon us, dear readers, and with it the promise of a slew of new gaming goodness to grace our tables! 2010 was a fantastic year for gaming – and, indeed, for Dice Hate Me – but 2011 is shaping up to be even better. In this column, I wanted to share a few things with all of you about the upcoming year – the games I’m most looking forward to, those already out that are planned to become part of the Dice Hate Me games library, and some of the... Read More

We Have A Winner!

Yes, folks, there is an official winner of the Alien Frontiers Space Crane giveaway! A big congratulations (and three Space Crane Alien Tech cards) goes out to Richard Bliss! Richard is a long-time gamer and champion of the Play-in-Public campaign, in which I have and will continue to participate. Richard is also the creator of a fine boardgaming blog, The Game Whisperer. His most recent post on keeping a boardgaming journal inspired me to start one for the new year, so you all... Read More