We Have A Winner!

Yes, folks, there is an official winner of the Alien Frontiers Space Crane giveaway! A big congratulations (and three Space Crane Alien Tech cards) goes out to Richard Bliss! Richard is a long-time gamer and champion of the Play-in-Public campaign, in which I have and will continue to participate. Richard is also the creator of a fine boardgaming blog, The Game Whisperer. His most recent post on keeping a boardgaming journal inspired me to start one for the new year, so you all should definitely check out the site.

Again, congrats to Richard and many, many thanks to all of you who have entered the contest and continue to support Dice Hate Me! I promise a ton of new and exciting content – and many more giveaways! – in the coming months, some of which you can read about in tomorrow’s upcoming column. Cheers, and, as always, happy gaming!

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