It’s an Anniversary Giveaway Bonanza!

Hello dear readers! Hopefully by now you’ve all noticed the festivities going on around here for Dice Hate Me’s 7th anniversary. Well, because I want the party to be a big one, I’m giving away a big present with all sorts of goodies! And there are several ways to enter. First off, the stuff. The winner of the 7th Anniversary giveaway will receive a brand new copy of First Class (in honor of the latest review on the site), my personal copy of Red November (the actual one I played 7 years ago to write the first review for the blog!), a copy of Angry Dice, a Dice Hate Me t-shirt, and an opportunity to appear on an episode of The... Read More

The State of Games, Ep. 107 – The One About Our Origin Stories

We all have to start somewhere, right? As gamers, we can all trace our hardcore gaming roots back to a few select moments, and that’s what we try to get at in this episode. Naturally, Magic: The Gathering is the catalyst for most, but there are still a few surprises in store as to how we all got started down this long, winding, expensive – but lovely – road. After listening, tell us how YOU got started in gaming! Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Ep. 85: The One About Gaming Potpourri

We typically like to keep our format pretty consistent on The State of Games, but from time to time we have so much to talk about that we just have to throw convention out the window. Speaking of conventions, we give a good overview of what to expect in booth #703 at Origins Game Fair, so give this a listen and we hope to see all of you in Columbus, Ohio from June 3-7! Be there or be square. Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Episode 28 – The One About Spies Like Us

When you’ve been in the information game as long as we have you start to wonder if you’ve seen and heard it all. We’re here to tell you now: We haven’t. From all our intel we can safely say that the boardgaming hobby is on the cusp of a revolution, and these next few months are going to be an exciting time for enthusiasts! For now, though, sit back and listen up as we share a small piece of history from the shadows. Read More  Read More

An Insane Giveaway from Stratus Games!

Thanks to Stratus Games, Dice Hate Me is able to offer a completely insane giveaway – a free pre-order copy of their latest game Off Your Rocker! Off Your Rocker is a party game where one player takes on the role of a psychiatrist while the other players have all been assigned a particular quirk. Fans of the classic TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? will recognize this is as one of the staples of improv – and it’s rarely played without hilarious results. You can all read more about Off Your Rocker on the Stratus Games website. Off Your Rocker is currently on Kickstarter and Stratus Games can use your help to get this great game... Read More

Come say hello to Dice Hate Me Games at PAX East!

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In Space, No One Can Hear You Whimper – A Launch Pad Review

From now until August 25, you have a chance to win a free copy of Launch Pad from Stratus Games – a game we reviewed last year and have found gets better -and punkier- with age. To enter, just click on this link and fill in a simple quiz. There are 10 questions, and for every correct answer, you’ll get one contest entry! In honor of the giveaway, here is the official Dice Hate Me review of Launch Pad from October 2010, including an updated rating reflecting our seasoned play since the review. From 1957 until the early 70s, the national super powers of the United States and the Soviet Union were pitted together in a heated head-to-head race... Read More

Dice Hate Me Anniversary Giveaway Reminder!

Dice Hate Me is about to celebrate its anniversary on June 1st, and we want to share the love with all of you! As mentioned on the last The State of Games podcast, Gryphon&Eagle Games has graciously offered up Through the Ages for one lucky Dice Hate Me fan. Here are the details: We want pictures. Fun and creative pictures. Game-related pictures! Get whimsical, get crazy, surprise us! We’ll pick our five favorite pictures and then randomly draw a winner which will be announced in a special anniversary post on June 1st. You can send your pictures to or post the pictures to the wall on the Dice Hate Me Facebook page.... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 7 – The One Rated PG-13

The State of Games, Episode 7 is way in, man. It’s, like, so in that it’s far out, you know what I’m saying? No? Well, open your ears and expand your mind, because we’ve got some heavy dope to throw your way. But don’t let the title fool you, this stuff is super groovy for the whole family. Read More  Read More

We Have A Winner!

Yes, folks, there is an official winner of the Alien Frontiers Space Crane giveaway! A big congratulations (and three Space Crane Alien Tech cards) goes out to Richard Bliss! Richard is a long-time gamer and champion of the Play-in-Public campaign, in which I have and will continue to participate. Richard is also the creator of a fine boardgaming blog, The Game Whisperer. His most recent post on keeping a boardgaming journal inspired me to start one for the new year, so you all should definitely check out the site. Again, congrats to Richard and many, many thanks to all of you who have entered the contest and continue to support Dice Hate Me!... Read More