The State of Games, Episode 45 — The One About Hobo Pain

After the last beast of a podcast, I figured it was time to just take everything back to formula, give all of you dear listeners a little break, and just chat about some board games. And that’s just what we did. Of course, what was intended as a brief, 30-minute foray into some titles that Darrell, TC and I played during a recent visit soon stretched into an hour. Hey, give us a microphone and just try to stop us. Read More  Read More

The Crowded Table – Late Spring 2013 Edition

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another installment of The Crowded Table. It’s been quite awhile since the last iteration of the Crowded Table, but still there have been plenty of interesting games to grace the gaming surfaces at Dice Hate Me HQ. Some of them have been mentioned a few times on The State of Games and The Geek All-Stars, but I felt the games below deserved a little more written attention. Some of them you may just see (or hear and see) more about in a future feature on Dice Hate Me! And away we go: Coup Dedicated readers and listeners will immediately know that I am a social gaming junkie. If there’s a system to... Read More

SAGCon 2012 Wrap-Up

Every year around this time, it’s been a tradition to head to MACE, a North Carolina gaming convention that used to be held in High Point. This year they decided to expand, but also switched venues, moving the festivities to Charlotte. Instead of making the trek west, five local gaming friends and I gathered together at a Springhill Suites in a grand experiment we called SAGCon – SAG standing for Stay And Game. Although we didn’t have all the grand spectacle and amenities offered at MACE, it was still a great time, and we played 17 games over two days. Here’s a look at some of the more memorable experiences and my thoughts... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 22 – The One About Two Pairs

Sometimes when you’re gaming, it’s better to be sitting back with an easy pair than dealing with cleaning up after a full house – if you know what we’re saying; and if you listen to this podcast you’ll certainly get the reference. So grab your significant other, pour a glass of your house finest and let The State of Games bring you closer together. You’re welcome. Read More  Read More

The 2011 Dice Hate Me Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and tis the season to be gaming! Friends and family will soon be gathered near, and what better way to celebrate than to grab your dice and pour some cocoa? Every year, I always make it a point to have a few games under the tree for others; not only do they make great and unique gifts, but after they’re unwrapped you get to play them. Bonus!  The blessing and curse of giving games as gifts is variety. There are a lot of games out there to choose from, and pairing the right box with the correct beloved can sometimes be trying. Worry not, dear readers – use the Dice Hate Me Holiday Game Guide to aid you... Read More

MACE 2011 Convention Wrap-up

Greetings, dear readers, ’tis the season for gaming! No, not because of the impending holidays (although that’s wonderful, as well), but because it’s the time of the year when we can load up the party wagon and head west – an hour west to our local con, MACE, in High Point. Last year, only three of us made the trek. This year, however, we had a veritable gang of geeky gamers – seven of us in total. The resulting maelstrom of gaming and imbibing manly liquids left me with some fuzzy accounts, but I shall endeavor to do my best to summarize all the geeky goodness. And although there was no bear rape nor freezer incidents... Read More

A Sinfully-Delightful Masterpiece: The Road to Canterbury Review

“Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote, The droghte of March hath perced to the roote, and the peoeple dyd feast upon the lambs and slothes, and carp and anchovyes, and orangutans and breakfaest cyreals, and fruyt-bats…” – the General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, paraphrased   Sometime in the late 14th Century, author, philosopher and alchemist Geoffrey Chaucer – having dutifully observed and soulfully absorbed the full folly and sin of mankind in his surroundings – decided to share his singular vision with a vast audience in the way he truly knew best: through sarcasm, lyrical satire and bawdy humor.... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 17 – The One About Girls

Girls. They’re everywhere, you know. Or at least outside the game shop, it seems. Still, there are a few females – those glorious few – who put up with agape jaws and stammering starers to grace the gaming tables with the boys. This episode is dedicated to those lovely ladies who not only ignore us fellow’s warlike tendencies, but embrace it. Here’s to you, oh women of gaming – may we continue to not scare you away. Read More  Read More

The Table Ahead – Dice Hate Me in Oct/Nov/Dec

Autumn is upon us and the Carnival Kickstarter campaign is behind us, but suddenly we’re busier than we’ve been in quite some time here at Dice Hate Me HQ! Monkey238 is eyeball deep in studies for her final semester of schooling and I’m wrapping up graphic design duties on Clever Mojo Games’ successful Kickstarter venture, Sunrise City. So, we’re taking a week off to catch our breaths before we unleash some of the best content of the year here on the site – and here’s a brief peek at what we have in store before we ring in the new year!  REVIEWS, REVIEWS AND MORE REVIEWS We’ve received a whole stack of cool titles, perfectly... Read More

Social Experiments: Saboteur, The Resistance, and Lifeboat

To be perfectly transparent – and to save some of you a bit of time – I’m placing a disclaimer at the beginning of this article. If your idea of a perfect game is sitting in silence – with or without other gamers present – shuffling through cards, chits, wooden blocks and such, all in an effort to outwit not another opponent but the game itself, it’s probably best just to check out the Dice Hate Me reviews of Onirim or Red November. But if you’re the type of gamer who relishes heated debates, paranoia-stricken glances at the whites of the eyes of every player seated around the table, or hearing the phrase “I’m... Read More