The State of Games, Episode 62 – The One About Emergent Gameplay

In the last State of Games, we three podcasters talked about all sorts of things from one end of boardgaming to another. During that intelligent melee TC brought up some points on emergent gameplay, while Darrell and I were left scratching our heads wondering what the heck he was talking about. Since that part fostered generous discussion amongst you, dear listeners, we decided to dig a little deeper. And, so, here we are. Enjoy! Read More  Read More

Social Experiments: Saboteur, The Resistance, and Lifeboat

To be perfectly transparent – and to save some of you a bit of time – I’m placing a disclaimer at the beginning of this article. If your idea of a perfect game is sitting in silence – with or without other gamers present – shuffling through cards, chits, wooden blocks and such, all in an effort to outwit not another opponent but the game itself, it’s probably best just to check out the Dice Hate Me reviews of Onirim or Red November. But if you’re the type of gamer who relishes heated debates, paranoia-stricken glances at the whites of the eyes of every player seated around the table, or hearing the phrase “I’m... Read More