The State of Games, Ep. 182: The One About Getting the Brand Back Together

stateofgameslogonewSometimes you just need a do-over. Dice Hate Me and Greater Than Games have been together since 2015, but that’s changing now. Dice Hate Me is independent once again, and it’s both scary and exciting. We talk honestly about what all of that entails – well, I talk honestly while TC grills me like Mike Wallace. But it’s all good – and good listening for all of you, Dear Listeners. Enjoy, and thanks for coming along for the ride for as long as you have. And if you’re new, welcome! Hope you like your podcasts with a touch of whimsy and randomness.


Games and Things mentioned on the podcast:



My Father’s Work


Ticket to Ride: First Journey


On the Underground: London/Berlin

French Toast

The Menace Among Us

Divinity Derby


Long Shot: The Dice Game

Full Throttle


KS: The Artemis Project: Satellites & Commanders



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