You’ve Got the Whole Board in your Hands

There’s truly no replacement for the sensations of a good board game: The ‘klik-klak’ of the smooth-sided dice as they roll in your hand, surveying a battlefield that’s small enough to fit the dinner table, listening to friends laugh with triumph and cry out with defeat. But there are times and places – the bus, a plane, your dentist’s chair – when you just don’t want to lose a key component to that $40 game in the cracks of a chair.... Read More

Pub Play: Cathedral

In 1962, Royal New Zealand Air force pilot Bob Moore flew several training maneuvers around Christchurch Cathedral and became fascinated by the architecture and the interlocking structure of the streets and buildings below. Several years later, Bob spun this early fascination into the prototype for Cathedral, a game in which the pieces evoke a medieval city surrounded by a wall. Cathedral is played on a grid with interlocking, building-like pieces. The object is simple: capture... Read More

Shenanigans on a Sinking Sub

It’s dark and cold on the old sub, and the sides creak from pressure while a bulkhead springs a leak. Fire spreads in the engine room and the crew scrambles, snuffing it as the reactor heats up. Hope seems lost until a hand cranks the emergency release and the sub surges along, peaceful for a moment – and for just a moment, the gnomes on board celebrate. Yes, gnomes. Red November is a delightful, cooperative board game from Fantasy Flight Games that pits you and up to seven... Read More