Game of the Year Giveaway!

Well, dear readers, as I promised in this week’s Game of the Year announcement, Dice Hate Me is proud to offer a very special holiday giveaway in celebration of our awards. Since Alien Frontiers has been awarded the medal, we figured what better way to commemorate the occasion than to reward one special gamer with a very rare treat: the Space Crane Alien Tech card! That’s right, Dice Hate Me, in conjunction with Clever Mojo Games, is proud to offer not one but three of these rare Alien Tech cards, unavailable for purchase anywhere. The Space Crane card was produced as a promotional for backers of Alien Frontiers on Read More

Chrononauts Giveaway Results – Clover Leaf Strikes!

Greetings dear readers, I promised at the beginning of last week that I was giving away a free copy of Chrononauts to one lucky reader who entered into the contest by midnight this past Saturday. Early Sunday morning, I entered into a random list generator all of the names of those who “liked” the Dice Hate Me page on Facebook or spread some love through Twitter, and double entered those whose names were on the Dice Hate Me subscription list. For the sake of adequate shuffling, I decided to hit “randomize” on the list generator six times (like a six-sided die) and after the dust settled the winner turned out to be… Christine... Read More

It’s a Looney Week!

Attention, game geeks and card crazies, this week at Dice Hate Me, I’m going Looney! Starting Wednesday, I’ll be doing back-to-back-to-back reviews of three of Looney Labs‘ greatest hits: Aquarius, Chrononauts and Monty Python Fluxx. These card games use several of the same insane mechanics, but manage to create three very different and unique game experiences. I found two to be absolute gems and one to mildly resemble fools’ gold. Which is which? Check back each day this week to find out! The reviews aren’t all that’s going on this week – I’m also giving away a brand spanking new copy of Chrononauts.... Read More