Alien Frontiers Second Printing Delayed

The bad news: The second printing of Alien Frontiers will be delayed by at least two weeks, missing the March 31st shipping date originally announced. The good news: the pre-order period has been extended!

Here is the note posted today by Clever Mojo Games head W. David MacKenzie:

“Panda Games Mfg just emailed to say that their dice subcontractor has failed to meet their delivery deadline and will not be able to get the dice to Panda’s assembly team before the plant closes down on Jan 29th for the two-week Lunar New Year. This means that Alien Frontiers will not get shipped out of China until late February.

We had expected the shipment to arrive in Seattle by March 11th and then we’d have more than 2 weeks to ship everything out for the March 31st release date. Now it looks like we’ll be very lucky to receive the shipment by the end of March. There are tales about Chinese factories taking weeks to re-open after the New Year holiday because workers fail to come back to work after the break and it takes time to re-hire and train replacements.

To be fair, we knew we were cutting it close on the timing. We delayed too long looking for a US licensor to take over the production and distribution of AF. But we had every expectation of making the dates work out. The dice manufacturing has been THE biggest problem in both the first and second printing of AF and it baffles me. A million games have color dice…why are ours such a problem?

So, If you’ve placed a pre-order and a 2 or 3 week delay is unacceptable, please send me an email at info [AT] and I will cancel your order and refund your money.

If you have not pre-ordered yet, then the good news is that I will be extending the pre-order period. The $39.95 + shipping pre-order price and Free Premiums will be in effect until March 15th.

I am very sorry to bring you this bad news. We are just as eager as you to get these games in our hands.”

If you haven’t pre-ordered the Dice Hate Me 2010 Game of the Year, you can head here and get in on the gaming goodness!

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2 Responses to “Alien Frontiers Second Printing Delayed”
  1. Bad deal… I just ordered my copy this weekend, too! Oh well, at least this might give me some time between Cargo Noir coming out (from Days of Wonder) and Alien Frontiers. From what you’ve told me, it should be worth the wait!

  2. dicehateme says:

    Ooooh yes, Cargo Noir. That one looks awesome and DoW has done a great job of hyping and teasing! I think you’ll enjoy Alien Frontiers and it will be worth the wait. If not, I might have some angry readers on my hands! haha

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