The State of Games, Episode 20 – The One About Family Ties

The holidays are upon us, and what signifies the holidays better than family? Gathering around the table, nibbling on turkey, ham, potatoes and pie – all while trying our darndest to best each other in a great game. Yes, we feel that gaming brings the family closer and makes great memories for the holidays and anytime, really. And we’re betting all of you feel the same way as we do.

Links to games mentioned on the podcast:

Can’t Stop

King of Tokyo




Letters From Whitechapel



Igloo Pop

Snow Tails





Caveman Curling


Zong Shi

Pizza Theory

The Crow & The Pitcher



VivaJava: The Coffee Game

Carnival (It’s on the boat and should be in port this week!)


And, finally:

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3 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 20 – The One About Family Ties”
  1. Jason says:

    Intriguing episode! When you first introduced the bit about recording while playing with family, I wasn’t too sure – seemed cheesy. But it turned out very well with some fascinating insight. Your step-dad, Chris, rocks! Mine is just like him, except with a Yankee accent…

  2. John Moller says:

    Awww. Monkey’s mommy sounds adorable! Now I know where she gets it.

    …and…about that sleeping thing. I’m working on it… really.

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m really glad you guys like my game…and Darrell’s hard to adequately explain game about science!

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