Kingsport Horror: Further Delving Into Madness

Something strange is afoot behind the swirling mists of the seaside town of Kingsport. Just inside the haunted harbor, small cracks in the walls between worlds have begun to form. If left unchecked, these cracks may deepen, eventually crumbling into a swirling rift – an open gateway through which the evils of beyond may spill forth, bringing terror and doom down upon Arkham and quickening the arrival of the Ancient One. The Kingsport Horror expansion for the Arkham Horror board game adds another board section that represents the town of Kingsport, with new encounter locations and two new Other World locations for the investigators to explore.... Read More

The Horror in the Clay

Great Cthulhu has never looked so good. Or hideous. Whatever. Fantasy Flight Games is set to release this new sculpted domain marker for use in the Call of Cthulhu CCG in the fall. As anyone can clearly see, it is very choice. I love that he is looming over the ancient city of R’lyeh. I would say pick up a few for your games, but the release page on FFG’s site states that they will be sold one per pack, and retail for $19.95. That’s a bit steep for one domain marker. I’d love to have one just to decorate my desk, but 20 bucks for one marker when three are required for use in the CCG is excessive. Fantasy Flight has been... Read More

Pub Play: Cathedral

In 1962, Royal New Zealand Air force pilot Bob Moore flew several training maneuvers around Christchurch Cathedral and became fascinated by the architecture and the interlocking structure of the streets and buildings below. Several years later, Bob spun this early fascination into the prototype for Cathedral, a game in which the pieces evoke a medieval city surrounded by a wall. Cathedral is played on a grid with interlocking, building-like pieces. The object is simple: capture as much territory in the city grid as possible by taking turns placing your differently-shaped building pieces. With careful placement, whole sections of the city can be... Read More