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Although it’s mostly board and card games around these parts on a regular basis, I have been known to periodically delve into the role-playing arena. Just like many of you out there, I cut my teeth on Dungeons & Dragons, then delved deep into the fantasy cyberpunk realm of Shadowrun and weaved stories of vampires & werewolves in the heyday of White Wolf during the ’90s. When it comes to games, whether they be of the paper or cardboard variety, I’ll try just about anything once, especially if it’s unique.

Now dear readers, I’m here to tell you that there is unique, and then there is unique. Ben Gerber’s Argyle & Crew: Soppet Adventures in the Land of Skcos is not only unique, but an amazingly creative and fascinating twist on traditional role-playing and storytelling games. In Argyle & Crew, players take on the roles of curious and intelligent sock puppets… wait, where are you going? Come on, now, everybody loves sock puppets! Now, admittedly, Argyle & Crew is skewed more toward the folks that feed off Nickelodeon rather than SpikeTV, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had here for adults, especially those with kids. I don’t have kids just yet, but I know a few, and spare socks – well, I have about fifty of those. And so does every household that could introduce the adventures contained within Argyle & Crew to their families.

Ben’s project is currently on Kickstarter, and he and his soppet (sock puppet) buddies need your help – but there’s not much time! As of this post, Ben only has three more days to raise about $1,500 to help offset the costs of art and the development of national education standards classroom plans to enable Argyle & Crew to easily be used as a teaching tool. Once Argyle & Crew is successfully funded, Ben also plans to donate 25% of the proceeds of any games sold to The Wayne Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to¬†fighting human trafficking, child prostitution, & child sex exploitation around the world. So please consider donating to this wonderful project and give the gift of socks, and love, the world over.

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