First Look at Dragon Clan Vu’ur

Yep, another week, another great update on Princes of the Dragon Throne from Clever Mojo Games. Last time, we learned that the dragons in this deck-builder are divided into four separate clans, and got some glimpses of the eight dragons of Clan Ma’ji. Now we get our first peek at another clan – Vu’ur!

Clever Mojo’s W. David MacKenzie describes the new dragons, and gives a further glimpse into the mechanics of the game:

Hennig’vu’ur is an Emerald Dragon.  Normally a player can hold over two citizens in their tableau from turn to turn and these cards act as a hand extension, allowing a player to utilize more than the usual number of cards each turn. While Hennig’vu’ur is in your tableau, you are able to hold over 3 citizens.

Tembusk’vu’ur is a Quartz Dragon. When you use this dragon, you may select a dragon from another player’s tableau and force them to move it to their discard pile, weakening that player’s ability to fight in the intermittent skirmishes with the Dragon King’s army.

You’ll notice the text color on the dragon cards.  Throughout the game, yellow text signifies an either-or choice – you can use the text ability OR you can take the icon resources.  White text is a feature or ability that is in effect in addition to the icon resource bonus.”

No sneak preview would seem complete lately without a little something extra. That something extra, this time, is another agent: the Elf Enchantress.

The Enchantress is used by first placing the card into another player’s discards. When the Enchantress comes into their hand you get to steal one of their dragons. Sweet!

And, finally, the sheep are back! The last card update saw the return of the sheep icons, representing the resources you need to feed your dragons in order to use them. In the final game, players will receive a supply of sheep chits in order to manage their flock of tasty treats. You all may recognize the “unused” side of the sheep chit – but the “used” side is decidedly – and awesomely – gruesome.

Be sure to check back with Dice Hate Me soon for more sneak previews of Princes of the Dragon Throne!

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