Clever Mojo Games Signs Bruno Faidutti

Clever Mojo Games has announced that recent talks with beloved game designer Bruno Faidutti has resulted in an agreement to publish Haathi, which Faidutti has developed with Sérgio Halaban, and André Zatz. Haathi (hah-thee — the Hindi word for elephant) is described as a family board game for 3 to 6 players that features a fantastical race through villages, jungles and mountains of storybook India, atop – you guessed it – elephants. Head of Clever Mojo Games, W. David MacKenzie, has stated that playtesting and refinement of the game with Faidutti and his team will begin soon, and they will also be interviewing quality artists and designers to bring the title to life. Haathi is slated for a late-2012 or mid-2013 release.

For those two or three of you out there who may not be familiar with Bruno Faidutti’s work, he is the man responsible for the Dice Hate Me-approved Citadels, the original Diamant (now more commonly known as Incan Gold), the gnomish submarine adventure Red November, and the recently-released Lost Temple.

The lesser-known members of the team (in North America, at least), Sérgio Halaban and André Zatz, live in Brazil and have collaborated on games such as the recent Ouro de Tolo card game and the Spiel des Jahres-recommended Hart an der Grenze card game.

Clever Mojo Games is, of course, publisher of Alien Frontiers which all of you have seen mentioned more than a few times here on Dice Hate Me, and the upcoming tile-laying city game Sunrise City by newcomer designer Isaias Vallejo.

Look for more information, art and design notes on Haathi, as well as more news from Clever Mojo Games, here on Dice Hate Me soon!

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  1. Jason says:

    With the pedigree of Faidutti and the promising beginning of Clever Mojo – this should be good! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a winning combination!

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