The State of Games, Episode 44 – The One About Crossovers

A little disclaimer: This podcast is insanely long, but you get two great podcasts, all for the price of one! This time around, Darrell, TC and I invite Dan Patriss and Tom Gurganus of The Geek All-Stars to come over to Dice Hate Me HQ for a little round-table discussion of all things superhero. What was originally planned as a nice, breezy bit of podcast crossover time turned out to be an epic and passionate discourse on one of our favorite topics. We had a blast – I know you will, too! Just be sure to stay hydrated and find a comfortable chair.


Podcast segments, start times, and links to important things mentioned:

euphoriaKICKSTARTER GAMES (starts at 3:15)

Guardians Chronicles

A Study in Emerald

Galaxy Defenders

Galactic Strike Force


Princes of the Dragon Throne



Iron Man 3

Man of Steel

ironman3The Wolverine

Pacific Rim

Lone Ranger

World War Z


Kiss of the Damned

PLUS, Superhero movie speculation:

Hawk and Dove

The Wonder Twins

Ant Man (Comic-Con test footage)

Blue Beetle


The Flash

Guardians of the Galaxy

Justice Society




flashSUPERHERO CARD GAME SHOWDOWN (starts 112:44):

Sentinels of the Multiverse

DC: Deck-Building Game

Marvel Legendary



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Lisa Scodari

Eric Selander

Steve Behnke


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Carnival (It’s here, and ready for you to enjoy!)


And, finally:

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2 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 44 – The One About Crossovers”
  1. Matt Riddle says:

    soon this will be the 2nd longest podcast in DHM history…

  2. Lee M. says:

    Wow! That was one heckuva long podcast. Good stuff in there, though.

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