The State of Games, Ep. 98 – The One About the Games of 2015

stateofgameslogonewIt’s that time of the year again – time to look forward by looking back! Yes, a new year is upon us but before we settle into the games of 2016, it’s best that we talk about what we loved about 2015. It was an interesting year; some gamers complained that there were few stand-out titles as in years’ past; to that I can only say it was tough for all of us not to have a list of honorable mentions a mile long that we wanted to honor! So settle in, listen up, and let us regale you with our best of 2015, and the holidays!


IMG_4931Links to important things mentioned on the podcast:

Unpub Network

Above & Below

Fireball Island

Power Barons


Tammany Hall

They Come Unseen

TIME Stories

New York 1901

Isle of Skye

The Golden Ages


Hostage Negotiator

Skull King

Factory Fun


Through the Ages


Fields of Arle

Steam Barons





The State of Games Discovery of the Year and Game of the Year choices! WARNING: SPOILERS!

(For more info. on the official Dice Hate Me Game of the Year choices check out this post)
Discoveries of the Year





Games of the Year





The Dice Hate Me Games/Greater Than Games Dexterity Challenge winners!

(Check out this post for more info. on the winners)
Runner-up: Tim Roediger, The Unfortunate Demise of Dr. Chester

Runner-up: Steven Aramini, Pike Place

Second Place: Matthew O’Malley, BattleHawk

First Place: James Meyers, Valley of the Mammoths



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