The State of Games, Episode 168: The One About Getting Our Groove Back

stateofgameslogonewOnce again, it’s been awhile Dear Listeners. We’ve missed you, but we definitely haven’t forgotten about you. Darrell, TC, and I just needed a little break to enjoy the fall, with some time away from the table and conventions. Feeling like we needed a jump start to get our gaming motors running we turned to the best source of boundless energy and enthusiasm we know – Richard Launius. So settle in, we’ve got a lot of games to cover. And don’t worry, we already have the next podcast scheduled, and we’ve got a great topic we think many of you are going to love – just in time for the holidays.


IMG_4156Games and things mentioned

Unpub Network

Final Hour


Nemo Rising

Deep Blue

A Study in Emerald

The Godfather: A New Don

Journeys in Middle-earth

Western Legends




Clipcut Parks


ERA: Medieval Age

Squaring Circleville

Gamers for Cures




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One Response to “The State of Games, Episode 168: The One About Getting Our Groove Back”
  1. Steve Davies says:

    Glad you’re back! Sounds like everyone’s had a couple of happy and successful months since the last recording, congrats!

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