The State of Games, Ep. 154 – The One About the Top 5 Games EVER

stateofgameslogonewWe love when listeners get involved with the podcast and, because of comments and feedback from all of you, this podcast was magical. We’ve revisited our favorite games of all time occasionally but never within the context of a listener-curated list. And, oh, what an incredibly varied list it was! It just goes to show that all of you love so many different games in this hobby and that, dear listeners, is a truly wonderful thing. Happy listening!


IMG_0063Games and things mentioned

Unpub Network

Gen Con


Pioneer Days






Century: Eastern Wonders


Great Western Trail

My Little Scythe

Formula Motor Racing

Fate of the Elder Gods




The Flow of History

Sailing Toward Osiris

Castles of Burgundy




Pandemic Legacy

Puerto Rico

Magic: The Gathering

7 Wonders

Flamme Rouge

Stone Age

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective





Twilight Imperium


Trogdor (KS)

Dungeons & Doggies (KS)


Time stamps

About Dice Tower Con 2’34”

Great Western Trail 9’27”

Megaland 12’55”

Hollow Knight 16’37”

Sailing Toward Osiris 19’13”

Ganz Schön Clever 21”51”

TC Playtesting 8 games 22’46”

Èze 27’09”

Carthago 28’29”

My Little Scythe 34’11”

Darrell’s Squeaky Chair 36’18”

Bohnanza Duel 36’30”

Coimbra 38’24”

The Flow of History 41’59”

Root 45’17”

Caper 53’02”

Century Eastern Wonders 54’10”

Maximum Apocalypse 59’13”

Formula Motor Racing 1:00’34”

Fate of the Elder Gods: Agents of Arkham 1:03’10”

More Kickstarter kerfluffles 1:11’08”

What Grinds Darrell’s Gears 1:16’26”

The Meat of the Podcast: Listeners’ Top 5 Games 1:24’29”

Chris, Darrell, and TC’s Top 5 Games 1:45’43”

Listener Mailbag: Games Discounting 2:07’33”

Notable Kickstarters 2:28’32”

Unpub News 2:30’10”

Dungeons & Doggos 2:31’30”

The End 2:33’05”

Post-Credits commentary 2:34’34”



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2 Responses to “The State of Games, Ep. 154 – The One About the Top 5 Games EVER”
  1. Ben G. says:

    Great episode as always, guys! Was hoping to hear your thoughts on Reef–maybe next time? I think it is a FANTASTIC puzzle game that can be enjoyed by casual gamers but provides enough of a challenge to appeal to experienced gamers as well. Better than Azul, IMO.

  2. dicehateme says:

    Hey Ben! Thanks for the comment. I figure we’ll talk more about Reef soon. I think it’s a lot of fun, and far more accessible out of the box than Azul. For me, though, I think Azul edges it out. It’s not really that I think it’s a better game, it’s just different and tickles a part of my brain a bit differently than Reef. I really don’t think one negates the other for someone having them in their collection. Both are a ton of fun!

    Also, you’ll be hearing a lot about Scarabya, another puzzler, in the future. More on that soon!

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