Kickstarter Preview: Kings of Air & Steam

From time to time, one geek-centric genre trend becomes fashionable; subsequently, the masses yearn and, thus, the creators provide – often in bulk. The latest genre du jour seems to be steampunk – that mixture of wild, cog-driven contraptions and Victorian sensibilities. Of this genre I am not only a fan, but a bit of a connoisseur; I spent many a youthful day glued to the TV watching James West foil the bad guys’ plans with the use of one of Artemus Gordon’s goofy gadgets long before anyone had ever coined the term steampunk. All you dear readers also know by now that I am a sucker for zeppelins, as well. And, so, it... Read More

Clever Mojo Games Gets Steamy

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Steampunk fans will finally get a meaty boardgame they can call their own. Clever Mojo Games – the makers of Alien Frontiers – is currently working with New Zealand game designer Anthony Henning to produce Arkopolis Engines. No details are available for a specific release date, but the teaser art is looking pretty nifty. I’m a huge fan of Steampunk, so rest assured that there will be plenty more news and previews of Arkopolis Engines over the next year at Dice Hate Me. In other news from Clever Mojo Games, two other projects are currently in production and playtesting. The... Read More