The State of Games, Ep. 123: The One About A Table For One

stateofgameslogonewAh, Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air! Not only do we love all the boundless cardboard bits in our favorite board games, but we also love sharing them with our significant others! And, as per usual with any podcast around this time, we should just follow suit and share our favorite games for two. Right? WRONG. We’re here to talk about how to enjoy all those delightful games with yourself! You don’t need anyone else to relish in board gaming! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


vjdiceImportant things mentioned on the podcast

Unpub Network

Arkham Horror: The Card Game


First Class

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Villages of Valeria



Glass Road

La Granja: No Siesta


Starving Artists

Jump Drive

Burke’s Gambit


Lewis & Clark


Arkham Horror

Eldritch Horror

Elder Sign

Cards of Burgundy

Pandemic: The Cure

Chainsaw Warrior

Car Wars

New Bedford


Between Two Cities

Bottom of the 9th

VivaJava: The Dice Game

Campy Creatures


Tavarua (Don’t forget to enter into the Collector’s Edition Tavarua giveaway mentioned in the podcast!)



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2 Responses to “The State of Games, Ep. 123: The One About A Table For One”
  1. Lee says:

    How appropriate that I pulled out Cruel Necessity to play solo the same night I listened to this podcast. TC, I’ve also carried games around in my D-Day Dice bag for a while now, though I recently purchased a padded cajon bag for less than $15 as a replacement. By the way, one thing I found funny about the Board Game Truck bags on Kickstarter you mentioned was that they refer to the reviewers section as “Words from Prominent Gamers”. Doesn’t that just sounds so prestigious? Ha!

  2. dicehateme says:

    That D-Day bag is nigh-indestructible!

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