WBC Bound!

It’s convention time once again at Dice Hate Me HQ, so time for some road trip preliminaries. I know that a vast majority of you are either not reading this at GenCon, or not reading this because you’re reading someone else’s blog about being at GenCon, but for the other 3% of you out there – welcome to the WBC party! As many of you already know, we have opted out of the big show in Indy this year, and are instead headed to the land of milk and honey – Lancaster, PA, home of delicious pretzels and shoo-fly pie. Lancaster is the home of the World Boardgaming Championships, and we figured that the closer drive, cheaper price and more narrow concentration of hardcore boardgamers would give us more bang for our buck. Although I’ll be covering as much of the action at WBC as possible, we’re still representin’ at GenCon – we’ll have a special report this weekend from our friend Marc Specter, as well as an audio treat for next week’s podcast from correspondent Patrick Nickell.

Those of you dear readers following along at home will no doubt thrill vicariously to the spectacle of the World Boardgaming Championships, but if any of you out there plan to attend Friday or Saturday, or are already at the WBC, we urge you to come find us in the open gaming area. Not only will we be handing out the usual treat of Dice Hate Me buttons, but we’ll also be running demos and playtests of five of our upcoming titles from Dice Hate Me Games! That’s right – five. We’ll have our two flagship projects – Carnival and VivaJava – all set up and ready to show off, but if you ask nicely we’ll also show you our two October design contest entry prototypes – Pulsar and Aces – as well as our frenetic, 54-card racing game Soapbox Derby.

This is the alpha prototype. Wanna see the shiny beta? Stop by and play!


Designer TC Petty III will be on hand to showcase VivaJava


Monkey238's mysterious prototype, Pulsar.

My rag-tag aerial prototype, Aces.

Be sure to watch Dice Hate Me over the next few days for pictures and commentary from the WBC, as well as special coverage of GenCon. And we’ll be back in full force early next week with the next State of Games podcast, all about our adventures and new friends from the World Boardgaming Championships!

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6 Responses to “WBC Bound!”
  1. AJ says:

    Games look great! Have fun at WBC!

  2. dicehateme says:

    Thanks! We’ll do our best. 😉

  3. Garrett says:

    I live in Lancaster and will be at the Con on Friday. I hope to see you guys there! Looking forward to trying some of your games!

  4. dicehateme says:

    Garett – Excellent, stop on by! We look forward to meeting you.

  5. tomg says:

    Have a bunch of fun!
    Hope I get to play all of these soon.

  6. David says:

    Have fun at WBC! Pulsar and Aces look very interesting!

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