The State of Games, Episode 11 – The One About the Last Game On Earth

The State of Games, Episode 11 is fully stocked with bottled water, shotgun shells and plenty of spam and beans. There’s no apocalypse that we can’t handle as long as we can also bring along dice, cards, several hundred board games… wait, there’s not room for all of that? What’s a couple of well-prepared gamers to do?

Links to things mentioned on the podcast:

White Elephant (A Kickstarter project!) by Brian Kelley

Vampire Werewolf Fairies by Gozer Games

Organized Chaos by Van Ryder Games

Flummox by Cartrunk Entertainment

Onirim by Z-Man Games

Hike by Moosetache Games

Don’t forget to enter the official Rowboat championships at GenCon Indy! Details in the flyer to the right (click to embiggen)!

PitchCar (naturally) by Gryphon & Eagle Games

Ascending Empires by Z-Man Games


Attention all Dice Hate Me readers and The State of Games listeners! Our friends at Moosetache Games are giving away one copy of Hike and one copy of Rowboat to two lucky fans! Just visit the Moosetache Games Facebook page and post on their wall “I want to win the Dice Hate Me Giveaway!” It’s that easy! And don’t forget to share the love by Liking the page and spreading the good word to other gamers.

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8 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 11 – The One About the Last Game On Earth”
  1. This was hilarious and fun. What a surreal argument– concern of meeples vs.dice when the world is ending. LOL
    Thanks for giving the shout out to Organized Chaos ( have my plays mentioned in Geek Lists on BGG ) and I contributed to White Elephant, so don’t let anyone y’all’s advertisement doesn’t ever work !! 🙂

  2. Oh and yes my comment –Onirim really freaked me out at first despite how purty it is , but I am getting into it . But only as a fancy solotaire– I am so not thinking any of my ” crew” would get into the fact this game I concur is STAGGERINGLY hard to win. (I haven’t yet. I also am not a big co-op guy.) But glad you gave it a shout out too and look fwd. to hearing more of y’all’s thoughts about it !! 🙂

  3. tomg says:

    I would, of course, bring Carnival. How’s that for sucking up? More later when I actually listen to the episode.

  4. Shawn says:

    LOL..Tom stole my answer!!!!! Bad Tom!!!!!

    Actually the game that I am playing right now that I think would hold up is Troyes.
    It has a little bit of everything built in…
    Either that or Monopoly (Because if I was stuck with only one choice I would want a game that would take forever to play…lol)

    Another great Podcast!


  5. dicehateme says:

    P – We do love our surreal arguments! As for Onirim, we realized last night that we were missing a very vital rule that might make the game actually winnable now. haha. Enjoy White Elephant, and we’ll see about getting Organized Chaos to the table this weekend.

    Tom – Hahah! I told Monkey that we should have made Carnival our ultimate game.

    Shawn – Hah – nice answer with Monopoly. I guess that would probably keep any gamer busy during the Apocalypse. And Troyes would hold up well if Monkey actually liked it.

  6. Brian Kelley says:

    Great podcast, as always! Thanks for the mention of White Elephant, I look forward to your review!

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