Rome Is Beautiful – A Glory To Rome Unboxing

You won’t often find many unboxing posts around Dice Hate Me, but every now and then a game comes along that warrants a little more attention to component detail. Glory to Rome is definitely one of those games. Since most of us have waited a cesar’s lifespan to get the game, and because I’ve received several questions about the game’s components, I now present a pictorial overview of the innards of one unbelievably beautiful black box.


As you can see, the rules are clean, beautiful and magnificently displayed. Easy-to-follow full-page diagrams make learning the game much easier.

The appendix insert with the Geek expansion.

There's a fancy ribbon pulltab that makes lifting the tableaus to get to the cards a cinch. It also prevents tableau edge chipping from fingernails while trying to get them out of the box.

The underside of the tableaus. They are super-thick cardstock.

The cards in their well-made insert. There's a little factory dust, but nothing excessive.

The card wrappers have a pulltab, as well. We love when publishers do this and requested it for our production of Carnival.

Yep, they're pretty.

So pretty.

A close-up of the fairly unique linen embossing. The card stock is superb and there is no noticeable humidity warping.

A few of the cards from the Plato3000 card game that backers receive as a bonus. The art and design on this is fantastic!

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7 Responses to “Rome Is Beautiful – A Glory To Rome Unboxing”
  1. Owen says:

    My word that is lovely.

  2. dicehateme says:

    Isn’t it, though? Breathtaking.

  3. Lee says:

    RE: “Since most of us have waited a cesar’s lifespan to get the game…”
    Chris, you really know how to turn a phrase. At least the wait will have been worth it. Those cards look great. Very interesting detail on the embossing.

  4. Bjorn Toft Madsen says:


  5. watman says:

    This version looks way better than the original, but, unfortunately, it’s not even close to french and polish versions graphic-wise. I did not have the french one in my hands, but to be onest – the cards in polish one are not as thick (still, they are very good) – all in all – I’d choose the polish version, but for the english-speaking people, the language barrier would probably be too high…

  6. DLE says:

    Keen-eyed observers will note the similarity of the Glory to Rome card styling and the cards in the classic ’70s-era version of Mille Bornes:

  7. Matt Riddle says:

    its possible…. i preferred the old art. this is a little boring. great game though.

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