The State of Games, Episode 15 – The One About Richard Launius

This time, it’s all about the dice. It can be argued that it’s always about the dice around these parts, but this time we mean it. You see, we have a very special guest on the podcast this week – a certain designer whose happy hallmarks are those rambunctious randomizers.  And although dice may be filled with hate whenever they get in these hands, we’ve got nothing but love for this particular designer – even if he does have cube fever.

Links to things mentioned on the podcast:

Alien Frontiers: Factions and Sunrise City on Kickstarter!

Elder Sign

Defenders of the Realm

Pirates vs. Dinosaurs

Dragon Rampage

Arkham Horror

Boardgameguy (Great prices – get hooked up!)

And, finally:

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8 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 15 – The One About Richard Launius”
  1. Stephen Avery says:

    Richard Launius? What a hack!

    Just kidding- He is one of the most creative people I know and it shows through in his designs. He loves games and gaming and I’ve learned a lot from him about game design. I am thrilled that he has so many titles coming out. It couldn’t happen ot a nicer guy. Great choice for a podcast. P.S. Don’t tell him I sadi this. I wouldn’t want it to go to his head.


  2. April says:

    Stephen!!! You are horrible!! No more sugar for you! 🙂

    Richard puts his whole heart into his games. He listens to fans (to a point) and is always willing to answer questions.

    He is probably my favorite person to play games with because he makes them so fun!!! He has the enthusiasm of a child when he plays and it is so very contagious! Nice interview!

  3. tomg says:

    Great Interview! I want to meet this guy. He sounds fun and is interesting. His love of games came through well. I’m very interested in Elder Sign and Pirates vs. Dinosaurs. P vs. D is one I know my son will love. Heroes of the American Frontier sounds right up my alley and I might even be able to get my wife to play this one. Awesome. thanks for doing the interview.

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