The State of Games, Episode 16 – The One About the Perfect Library

We’re not always hobnobbing with the celebrities of gaming, or jetsetting to hotspots like Columbus, Ohio and Lancaster, Pennsylvania – sometimes we just like to stay at home and talk about board games. This would be one of those times, and if you’re down for a full hour of our rambunctious ramblings, boy have we got the podcast for you!

Links to things mentioned on the podcast:


Our combined overlap titles

Twilight Struggle (2-player only, thinky, area Control, history, wargame, dice uniqueness, travel)

At the Gates of Loyang (solitaire, agriculture, press your luck, auction/bidding, set collection)

Defenders of the Realm (co-op, thematic/storytelling, fantasy, area control, set collection, travel, wargame, press your luck)

Alien Frontiers (space/sci-fi, worker placement, area control, travel, dice uniqueness, press your luck)

Fresco (art, chit-pulling, worker placement, press your luck, auction/bidding, tile laying, set collection)

Chronicle (card game, trick-taking, press your luck)

Monkey’s uniques

Last Night on Earth (social, horror, thematic/storytelling, team, mindless, area control)

Bang! (party game, social, deduction, card game, team)

Mr. Jack (2-player only, deduction, tile laying, thinky)

Cranium (party game, social, team)

Dice’s uniques

Unspeakable Words (words, horror, press your luck)

The Resistance (social, deduction, teams)

Catchphrase (party game, social, chit-pulling)

PitchCar (Dexterity, mindless, travel)



Alien Frontiers: Factions and Sunrise City on Kickstarter!


If I’m Going Down (by Van Ryder Games, available soon on Kickstarter)

Empires of the Void (coming soon on Kickstarter from Ryan Laukat)


Panic Station

The Road to Canterbury

Elder Sign

Ascending Empires

Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861

Boardgameguy (Great prices – get hooked up!)

Eagle & Gryphon Games (publishers of fine games such as Defenders of the Realm)


Gamers for Cures (A charity for gamers giving back to the community)

Gamer’s Armory (Great game store in Cary, NC and site of the 24-hour boardgaming fundraiser)

Turner Syndrome Society

And, finally:

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6 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 16 – The One About the Perfect Library”
  1. Stephen Avery says:

    Whoohoo! (dis)Honorable Mention.

    It doesn’t matter the game- Monkey is *always* the traitor.

    Steve”Trust Me”Avery

  2. dicehateme says:

    Steve – This is oh-so-very true. She’s a bit shifty.

  3. Lee says:

    Sorry Monkey but I’ve got to side with Chris. Catchphrase has provided some of the most memorable moments of gaming for me and my friends that years later we still laugh remembering those times. Cranium is all right but Catchphrase has it beat.

  4. jobin13 says:

    I’m going to come off as a little anal here…but I have to say that Fresco is not a tile-laying game, nor is Lord of Vegas a worker-placement game.

    As Chris even said in the podcast, the tiles is Fresco are removed from the game – unless you consider games where laying tiles is part of the setup, then I don’t think you can consider Fresco a tile-laying game.

    The dice in Lord of Vegas are used in interesting ways. However, one of those ways is not worker placement. Worker placement involves choosing where to place your workers, and then resolving the effect of placing a worker in that spot. Lords of Vegas involves neither choice (in reference to placing the dice) nor worker resolution after placement.

  5. Ravindra Prasad says:

    Hey, y’all! Just catching up now. Sorry you missed TBGT … it’s a small event and it filled up. Next time, it shouldn’t be a problem — you just need to get someone who knows you to send you the invite next year!

    Anyway, I’ve been enjoying your podcast but felt the need to respond to this latest one (and I hope you can take the following not too personally), ’cause you are just so wrong! _Both_ of you! If someone could only have 10 games in their library, there is no way I’d have picked most of the games you guys did! Those kinds of lists are always tough, but my approach would be kind of the opposite of yours: instead of picking games that cover as many categories as possible, I’d pick 10 important groups and then choose the best game(s) within those categories. And if someone can only have 10 games, they’re likely not deep into the hobby; so mostly lighter games (or, at least, not heavy). For example, quickly off the top of my head:
    – dexterity: crokinole (it also happens to work well with 2, or partnership 4); or pitchcar if you’re into cars or expect to play with larger numbers of players
    – family: Ticket to Ride (pick the map according to your preferred region of the world)
    – tile-laying:
    – strategy: too many! Go with your preferred theme: trains = (Age of) Steam (bonus:maps for 2-8 players), civ-building = Through the Ages, historical = Twilight Struggle. Those are all pretty heavy, which may be OK for this particular category. If not, Fresco would be a good choice, I think.
    – deduction: Deduce or Die if you want a really thinky game, Mystery of the Abbey if you want something lighter and with a bit more theme; Mr. Jack in NY if you’re likely to only play 2-player
    – card game: Tichu (if you have 4), Bohnanza (if you have a large social group)
    – worker placement: Stone Age? Caylus if you want something heavy, but likely not for this list.
    – cooperative: Defenders of the Realm if you’re into fantasy; Ghost Stories if you like the theme; Pandemic if you’re boring … just kidding 😉
    – party: Time’s Up!; also, think about Apples to Apples and Say Anything

    OK, well, that’s not exactly my 10 … but something along those lines.

    Maybe we’ll see you at the next TBGT!


    BTW, how the heck do you stop the mp3 from starting up every few seconds when you’re trying to leave a comment??

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