The State of Games, Episode 27 – The Short One About PAX East 2012

It’s been a little longer than expected between podcasts for us here at Dice Hate Me HQ, but we have a good excuse – we’ve been on the road, bringing boardgaming to the masses! We got an invite to the really big show up in Beantown – PAX East – and we couldn’t say no. We’re certainly glad we made the trip, getting the chance to meet so many wonderful people and share some boardgaming love. So come on in and sit a spell while we spin a yarn of our wonderful adventures.

Links to games mentioned on the podcast:

Alien Frontiers

Garden Dice

Titans of Industry

Dragon Valley

Core Worlds

Santiago de Cuba

Lords of Waterdeep

Caveman Curling

Nuns on the Run

Before the Wind



VivaJava: The Coffee Game (Funding completed, and headed to the printer!)

Carnival (It’s here, and ready for you to enjoy!)


And, finally:

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  1. […] East, I leapt at the chance. I’m so glad I did. I’ve raved about the divvy mechanic on The State of Games, and it’s really the heart and soul of the game. Each turn, the King’s Favored […]

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