The State of Games, Episode 53 – The One About The Germans

Ah, October. The best time of the year. Fall leaves, decorative gourds as far as the eye can see, cool temperatures… oh, and board games. Lots and lots of board games. Especially if you happen to be in Germany. Essen, to be exact. You see, that’s where the world’s largest board game convention is held each year – and it is awesome.

Links to important things mentioned on the podcast:

BrewCraftersPromoW. Eric Martin’s Spiel 2013 Preview on BoardGameGeek

24-hour Boardgame Marathon at Gamer’s Armory in Cary, NC

The Unpub

Brew Crafters

Belle of the Ball

Firefly: The Board Game

Lords of Waterdeep


Downfall of Pompeii




Gauntlet of Fools

Rare Elements Gaming Coins

Metal Dragon Coins

Monsters & Maidens

Keep the Crown


Tier auf Tier


Eminent Domain




Compounded (It’s here! Get your pre-orders in!)

The Great Heartland Hauling Co. (All copies have been hauled away – but we’re hoping to get more!)

VivaJava: The Coffee Game (Almost sold out!)

Carnival (Currently sold out – but we’re hoping to get more!)


And, finally:

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2 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 53 – The One About The Germans”
  1. Robert says:

    I know it’s meant to be historical but I guessing New Bedford’s theme will incur some controversy.

  2. Scott says:

    Howdy, where’s the best way to learn the details for the “deck of cards” design contests?

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