The State of Games, Ep. 115: The One About The Hotness

stateofgameslogonewIf there’s one thing most of us gamers get all excited about, it’s the new shiny in cardboard. Board games are growing in leaps and bounds, and each month sees an exponential increase in board game releases. Some titles somehow tap into the zeitgeist and hurtle skyward with tons of hype, while other, equally-worthy, titles inexplicably tumble down into obscurity. We’re here to talk about this very thing, and how BGG’s The Hotness can make or break a game, and, sometimes, even a company.


terraformingmarsImportant things mentioned on the podcast

Unpub Network

Fate of the Elder Gods

New Bedford



Love Letter




Terraforming Mars

Legends of Andor


Mansions of Madness

Notre Dame

Last Will

Star Trek Panic

Crazy Karts

Battlestar Galactica

Legends of Sleepy Hollow

Mythos Tales

Mechs Vs Minions

Pandemic Legacy

Twilight Struggle

Dice Masters

Terra Mystica



Unreal Estate


Go Nuts for Donuts

Mars 4:45

Scroll and Codex



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