The 2013 Dice Hate Me Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and it’s time again for my favorite annual tradition, the Dice Hate Me Holiday Gift Guide! This guide comes to you a bit late in the season this time around, what with all the traveling to cons and wrapping up Kickstarter campaigns and whatnot. But there’s nothing I love more – and nothing that gets me more into the holiday spirit – than sharing some of my favorite easiest-to-recommend games to all of you, Dear Readers! This guide will be great for those of you who are still looking for that special gift of cardboard for the hard-to-shop-for significant other, friend... Read More

Lunchgames! The Inside Scoop

Those loyal and stalwart few who follow the Dice Hate Me Twitter feed regularly know all about #lunchgames – my semi-daily tweet around lunch time that summarizes my office’s epic battles over burgers and baked goods in 140 characters or less. Sometimes I can claim victory, but more often than not I end up spiraling to my oblivion, leaving one of my coworkers – or, typically, the luckiest player on the planet, Clover Leaf – to stand victorious. Michael Fox is one such reader of #lunchgames. Michael (@idlemichael on Twitter) also happens to write reviews and produce an extremely swell podcast for The Little Metal Dog Show... Read More

An Even Bigger Bang!

If you’ve followed the site for awhile or keep up with the Dice Hate Me Twitter feed, you know by now that my coworkers and I play a lot of Bang! More than any other game that’s been introduced at lunchtime, Bang! seems to bring about the most mischievous glee as we ignore common courtesy and mercilessly gun each other down. Bang! also elevates our creativity, as we are continuously concocting and introducing various house rules to make things more interesting or to fix what we consider inconsistencies in theme. Back in July, I wrote a brief article on some of the basic house rules that we use in the office. With the exception of using... Read More