Dexterity Challenge Winners!

Back in the spring of 2015 we put out a very important call – we wanted your best dexterity game designs! 58 of you answered the call and none of you disappointed; we had an incredibly diverse and interesting group of entries that we somehow had to pare down. When the dust settled we ended up with 11 wonderful games to test out and somehow select the winners. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. Each and every one of the final games sent to us were charming, fun, delightful and, above all, incredibly dexterous! Without further ado, here are the top four designs that took home the prizes. Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Ep. 84: The One About Ever-Expanding Games

Everyone has a favorite game, and, with that, the desire for that game to deliver more than just what’s inside the box. That’s where expansions come in. Some love them, some ignore them, but no matter the case they are an existing and sometimes-essential part of the board game hobby. Since they are so prevalent we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the best, brightest and downright bad that we’ve experienced. And, yes, we’ve experienced a lot. Read More  Read More

One Hot Slice – A Kickstarter Quick-look at Top This!

Convincing some gamers to try games with certain mechanics is often like convincing a kid to try a slice of pizza with anchovies or pineapple with ham. Dexterity is one such mechanic of which more than a few turn their noses up. I’ll admit, until a little over a year ago, I was just as likely to turn away from a dexterity game as I was when finding raw tomatoes on my pizza pies. However, just like those little fish and that hawaiian flair, dexterity – once you’ve acquired the taste – is often hard to resist. And, so, it was with great relish that I dug into the latest serving from Uniforge Games – a delightful pizza... Read More