The State of Games, Ep. 135: The One About Tactics vs. Strategy

stateofgameslogonewIt’s always awesome to have a long-time friend and podcast listener on the show, and it’s even better when that guest throws down with TC on a serious game topic! I’ve known Van Ryder Games founder AJ Porfirio for almost as long as Kickstarter has been around, and yet he’s never been on the show. After a controversial tweet last week, I figured he was due, if only to give us all an amazing opportunity to talk all this tactics and strategy kerfluffle through!


DetectiveImportant things mentioned on the podcast

Unpub Network

Link to AJ’s blog post about tactics and strategy

Fate of the Elder Gods


VivaJava Dice

Hostage Negotiator

Century: Spice Road

Lazer Ryderz

Spirit Island

Raiders of the North Sea

Brew Crafters

Flamme Rouge

Stone Age

Detective: City of Angels

The Lost Expedition

Argent: The Consortium

Mansions of Madness

Bottom of the 9th Digital

Between Two Cities: Capitals


Medici: The Card Game


A Dog’s Life

Tiny Epic Quest

Mint Julep

Spirit Island


Before the Earth Explodes (KS)

Nolan Nasser’s art (KS)

Visitor in Blackwood Grove (KS)

Fog Monster (KS)

Bones 4 (KS)

Who Goes There? (KS)




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