The State of Games, Episode 13 – The One About GenCon and the WBC

Phew. Gaming can sometimes be hard. Like when there are tons of cool conventions going on all summer long and you just can’t seem to get to all of them. Lucky for us, we have clones. That’s right, clones. Right now, there are hundreds of little Monkey238s running amok, possibly in your neighborhood. It’s true! Don’t be alarmed, though – they’re mostly harmless. Just have some Doritos and ice cream at the ready. You may need it.

Links to people and things mentioned on the podcast:

Stronghold Games

Jason from

FallCon in Calgary, October 14-16

Paul Owen from Man Over Board

John Moller – creator of Flummox and Cartrunk Entertainment

Patrick Nickell of Meeples for Peoples

And, finally:

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If you listened to the podcast (and if you didn’t, shame on you) then you know that we have a cool giveaway from Stratus Games! From now until August 25, you have a chance to win a free copy of Launch Pad – a game we reviewed last year and have found gets better -and punkier- with age. To enter, just click on this link and fill in a simple quiz. There are 10 questions, and for every correct answer, you’ll get one contest entry!

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3 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 13 – The One About GenCon and the WBC”
  1. Shawn says:

    Listening to the show right now….I’m excited and can’t wait for your games to get on Kickstarter!!!!!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks for another great podcast filled with plenty of boardgaming news, industry insights and game recommendations interspersed with copious laughter and humor. Best of luck with your upcoming launch on KS!

  3. dicehateme says:

    Shawn – Thanks, as always, for listening! We’re excited and can’t wait for our games on Kickstarter! 🙂

    Lee – We appreciate the vote of confidence – and thanks for listening! We’re glad you are enjoying our silly banter.

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