The State of Games, Episode 17 – The One About Girls

Girls. They’re everywhere, you know. Or at least outside the game shop, it seems. Still, there are a few females – those glorious few – who put up with agape jaws and stammering starers to grace the gaming tables with the boys. This episode is dedicated to those lovely ladies who not only ignore us fellow’s warlike tendencies, but embrace it. Here’s to you, oh women of gaming – may we continue to not scare you away.

Links to things mentioned on the podcast:

Twilight Struggle (Some women like Cold War history – go figure)

Ticket to Ride (Still the ultimate gateway for women and men)

PitchCar (Mom-approved)

Roll Through the Ages (The game that started Monkey238 on the path to designer-hood)



Zong Shi (Available now on Kickstarter from Eagle & Gryphon Games)

If I’m Going Down (by Van Ryder Games, available now on Kickstarter)

Empires of the Void (Available now on Kickstarter from Ryan Laukat)


King of Tokyo



The Climbers

Good Ol’ Punchin’ Planes




The Road to Canterbury

Eagle & Gryphon Games (publishers of fine games such as Defenders of the Realm)


And, finally:

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7 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 17 – The One About Girls”
  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for the podcast, guys. Those were good suggestions for luring in new gamers (of either gender, really). Another tip I have found to work is to compare ‘new’ games to something you know the person likely has experience with; Carcassonne and Dominoes, for example.


  2. Paul Owen says:

    I’ve been on the fence about “Defenders of the Realm.” One note that I jotted down last time I looked into it was that it seemed too similar to “Pandemic.” Strangely, no sooner did I start to type this comment here when you started talking about “Pandemic” right on the heels of “DotR.” So, is it just another co-op game, or does it have its own unique appeal?

  3. dicehateme says:

    Phil – Thanks for listening! That’s a good tip, actually – like asking what someone has played, and when they say “Monopoly” we can whip out Lords of Vegas and blow their minds. 🙂

  4. dicehateme says:

    Paul – Pandemic and DotR share a lot of the same mechanics, but DotR is a bit more “loose.” I know that term is, in itself, a bit loose, but what I mean by that is that Pandemic feels like a much tighter, more raw experience simply because it is a lean coop machine. Most of the time players can be in and out of Pandemic with it having smashed their hopes and dreams in 30 minutes or so. Defenders is much more about the experience and less about the puzzle, which means that it runs a lot longer than Pandemic but feels a bit more immersive. If you’re more into the taut experience of Pandemic, Defenders may fall short for you. But if you really like the idea of delving into high fantasy and creating a bit of a story, then you’ll love Defenders.

    Defenders is an investment, though, with that hefty price tag. For an alternative opinion, check out Chris Norwood’s take on Defenders over at GamerChris, if you haven’t had a chance yet: He disliked it so much that he traded it for Wok Star!

  5. Stephen Avery says:

    Gamer Girls?! I love gamer girls! Now if I could only get them to Love me…

  6. FarmerLenny says:

    Nicely done! A great podcast.

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