The State of Games, Episode 19 – The One About the Kickstarter Bubble

Kickstarter is getting kinda big. Like, really really big. Huge, even. And since we put Carnival up there it seems like everybody has a project. There are a lot of Chicken Littles running about, saying that the sky is falling. Are the rumors true? Should we all be selling great big digital umbrellas instead of board games?

Links to things mentioned on the podcast:

The Game Whisperer (The alter-ego of industry analyst Richard Bliss)

The Purple Pawn



Zong Shi

Pizza Theory


Empires of the Void

The Crow & The Pitcher

D-Day Dice


Kings of Air & Steam



VivaJava: The Coffee Game

Carnival (our production proof has arrived! We have a game!)


And, finally:

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5 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 19 – The One About the Kickstarter Bubble”
  1. Chip and Katie says:

    Between all the great games you guys point us to in the podcast we want to get, limited funds, and making sure projects strike us both deeply, our kickstarter run is definitely slowing down. The worst thing is not being able to support the creative efforts of people that took a lot of time to make something obviously dear to them. At the same time, just because a game company doesn’t use kickstarter to connect with people, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as proud & invested. We’re just happy at all the choices, even if we can’t always show it with our funds.

  2. Have you read this?

    You should totally try to get an interview with Emannuel! Sounds like the two of you have more than a few things in common!


  3. dicehateme says:

    Chip and Katie – Thanks for listening! We definitely know what it’s like to feel the pinch after nabbing so many great games out there. We try to make up for the lack of funds sometimes by just championing a game that we really love and believe in. It seems that you two do the same, and that’s a great thing.

  4. dicehateme says:

    Galen – I have, indeed, read that! I responded, saying that I could definitely relate. 🙂

    An interview is actually a really good idea; I may send Emmanuele an email tonight!

  5. Stephen Avery says:

    I’ve listened to a bunch of your podcasts and so far, that was the best one. Keep up the good work.

    Steve”Still waiting for ‘the one about Amazing Ameritrash Gaming”Avery

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