The State of Games, Episode 14 – The One About The Kickstarter Experience

Have you ever prepared for a recital, or warmed up for a big game and had so many butterflies flitting about in your stomach that you thought you’d probably end up barfing on the ump or the entire first row? That’s kinda what it feels like right before you hit the GO button on your very first Kickstarter project. Thankfully for Monkey238 and me, those jitters disappeared real quick when all of you wonderful people made our dreams come true in just 17 short hours.

Links to people and things mentioned on the podcast:

Don Lloyd, creator of Dark Horse from Knight Works

Paco G. Jaen and Mark Rivera of G*M*S Magazine podcast

Patrick Nickell of Crash Games

Farmageddon by Grant Rodiek

Castle Dash by 5th Street Games

1955: The War of Espionage by Living Worlds Games

Quarriors by WizKids

Battleship Galaxies by Hasbro

VivaJava by Dice Hate Me Games

Ryan at

And, finally:

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So many of you out there have already humbled us with your outpouring of support for our Kickstarter game project, Carnival. If you haven’t yet checked it out, though, we’d greatly appreciate it. You can help us reach our new goal – and when we do, we have something special cooking for every single backer that will add to everyone’s Carnival experience! Thanks!

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6 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 14 – The One About The Kickstarter Experience”
  1. Galen says:

    So is this different than Episode 9 (The One About Getting Kickstarted)?

  2. dicehateme says:

    Galen – Thanks for stopping by! Yes, this podcast is supplemental to Episode 9, which is far more about the nuts and bolts of readying a successful Kickstarter campaign than it is about being in the thick of it. We thought it would be helpful to share our experiences during a campaign, talk a bit about some of the hidden costs that most backers don’t know about, and the random things that pop up that you just can’t plan for. Let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

  3. Grant Rodiek says:

    I started laughing out loud when dicehateme said oooolllleeee, or whatever it was the left his mouth. Actually, being southern I knew exactly what he said. I was actually confused by Monkey’s pronunciation.

  4. dicehateme says:

    Galen – I just realized the confusion – I named the episode the same thing! That’s what I get for editing late. This one is The One About The Kickstarter Experience. D’oh!

  5. I couldn’t resit listening to this…loved the intro music…only six minutes into the podcast and I’m hooked…

    Congrats again on your project…

  6. dicehateme says:

    PC – Thanks! Glad you’re hooked – please keep listening! We appreciate the well wishes on Carnival, and best of luck on your game, as well.

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