The State of Games, Ep. 82: The One About Going Digital

stateofgameslogonewThere are certain State of Games where we have discuss and debate what topic to choose, and then pour blood, sweat and tears into the show outlines. Thankfully, this episode wasn’t one of those times. Podcast fan and avid listener Nate Parker sent in an extensive outline for a show topic that seemed perfect for our mix of board game personalities. Thanks, Nate!

rabbittwopacksmallLinks to important things mentioned on the podcast:

The Unpub Network

Unpub: The Unpublished Card Game

Deck Building: The Deck Building Game

Valeria: Card Kingdoms

Greater Than Games

Bottom of the 9th


Mamma Mia

Pleasant Dreams

Golem Arcana


World of Yo-Ho

Mall Madness

Omega Virus

Vampire Hunter

Last Night On Earth

Fireball Island


Shark Mania

Best Treehouse Ever



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And, finally:

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One Response to “The State of Games, Ep. 82: The One About Going Digital”
  1. Randy says:

    Quite a hot (and interesting) topic this time, about the digital ‘invasion’ in the board game world. You peeps brought up some interesting points and I enjoyed you looking back at ancient times when electrics popped up the first time in board games. =D

    Personally I can’t wait for my friend who has shown interest in X-Com to buy it so we can start playing it. 😉

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