The State of Games, Ep. 128: The One About House Rules

Jessica’s back in the house, and just in time for a jaunty discussion on house rules! I’ve covered house rules a time or two here on Dice Hate Me, most notably a couple of articles on some big changes we brought to Bang! during #lunchgames back in the day. But there are many more games out there whose rules could either benefit from an intelligent house rule, or just become more fun for a particular gaming group. Be sure to send us yours! Read More  Read More

The Quick and the Undead: A Nightfall Review

One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires. For those gamers not in the know, Nightfall is the new horror-themed,“direct conflict” deck-building game from AEG that feels a bit like the love child of Dominion, Magic: The Gathering and the old, classic Killer Instinct video game. Just as in Dominion, each player starts the game with a small collection of cards in their personal decks and can later augment those decks by drafting cards from stacks of other cards during their turn. Unlike Dominion, players are able – through the use of carefully played orders and minions – to deal direct damage... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 3 – The One About the Death and Life of Monopoly

The State of Games, Episode 3 is live! A little disclaimer: for those of you put off by the simple word “Monopoly” in the title of this State of Games, stick with us, relax, and remember a time in your life when paying the rent could be as simple as finding some Free Parking. Read More  Read More

Dice Hate Me at the Bookstore: The Games Bible

I will happily admit that I’m pretty easy to shop for around the holidays. Any amusing trinket will usually bring me extraordinary glee, especially if it is shiny or has pretty pictures on it. However, when it comes to gifting me games or game-related paraphernalia, the gifter may often find themselves in dangerous territory since, well, I have a lot of stuff. Thus, consider my utter shock and surprise glee when my in-laws presented me with a gaming gift that was both new and incredibly thoughtful – The Games Bible. As I thumbed through the pages after the gift wrap had all been torn asunder, I also began to realize that this little gift... Read More

High Noon: Lunchtime!

In my office we’re lucky enough to be able to sneak in a quick game of some sort just about every day around lunchtime. Recently, my coworkers and I have been slinging bullets at each other in the wild west card game Bang! For those unfamiliar with this charming and addictive card game, you should read more about it, and I would highly recommend picking up a copy. Unfortunately, until you play a couple of times, the rest of this article isn’t going to make much sense. One of the great things about Bang! is that once players are comfortable with the rules, the game is flexible enough to allow for quick and easy house rules without disrupting... Read More