The State of Games, Ep. 171: The One About the Cost of Negativity

stateofgameslogonewWe love getting mail, especially if that mail can help us pad out an episode with an awesome topic. Although we’ve tackled how board game reviews can be both bad and good for the community in the past – as well as what makes a good review versus just an impression – we haven’t quite tackled a subject like this one from listener Sam Hillier. We delve deep into whether reviewers might actually cost consumers money, and whether that responsibility ultimately lies in the hands of the viewer or the consumer. It’s fairly ┬áheady stuff, but we manage to address it in our usual way – with lots of sarcasm and tangents. Enjoy!


IMG_7283Games and things mentioned

Unpub Network

Just One

Letter Jam

Freshwater Fly

Marvel Champions LCG

Azul: Summer Pavilion

Tales of Glory





Gorinto (KS)

Quiver Citadel (KS)

Marvel United (KS)

Batman (KS

Parks expansion (KS)



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