The State of Games, Ep. 119: The One About Chits and Chat

stateofgameslogonewWe got the band back together! And, boy, did we have a lot to talk about. With all four of us scattered to the four winds during Thanksgiving and beyond, we felt like it would be a good time for another potpourri episode, especially since there were some particularly meaty topics around. We also figured this would be a good palette cleanser before our big holiday episode coming up in ep. 120 where we’ll all be together at Casa de Louder for festivities. Enjoy!


pic3118623_mdImportant things mentioned on the podcast

Unpub Network

Link to BoardGameGeek News article discussing CMON Limited and Conan The Barbarian kerfuffle

Great Western Trail


Cottage Garden

Terraforming Mars

Star Trek Ascendancy

Invisible, Inc.




Vast: The Crystal Caverns –  Second Printing

Kingdom Death: Monster

Naval Battles in Archipelago

Wizards of the Tabletop

Man vs. Meeple



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