The State of Games, Ep. 176: The One About Boutique Publishing

stateofgameslogonewIt’s been awhile since we had guests on the podcast, so we figured it would be best to rectify that. What better way than to revisit that old Dice Hate Me chestnut – boutique publishing – with Daniel Newman and Tony Miller, of New Mill Industries. Their publishing philosophy is pretty punk rock, and TC and I sit down to talk about that with them and ask exactly when they’re going to sell out. Turns out they love the punk rock life, but they’re totally ready for offers. Give ’em a call, Asmodee.


newmillGames and things mentioned

Unpub Network

The Science and Seance Society

Rivet Heads

Fleet: The Dice Game

Three Sisters





My Father’s Work

Sentinels of the Multiverse



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