The State of Games, Ep. 153 – The One About Origins 2018

stateofgameslogonewIt’s summertime and that means it’s time for the biggest gaming conventions of the year! It’s always great to kick off the season at one of our favorite gaming conventions, Origins Game Fair, and it’s hard to believe that this is the 7th year we’ve covered it on The State of Games. Both the podcast and the con have grown and changed through the years but the focus for both has, thankfully, remained the same – let’s get together and play some awesome games.


IMG_9781Games and things mentioned

Unpub Network

Origins Game Fair



Pioneer Days


The Mind

Rock Paper Wizard




Fairy Tile




Endeavor: Age of Sail

Thieves Den



Prowler’s Passage

Junk Orbit

Century: Eastern Wonders


Supertall (KS)

Getaway Driver (KS)

Gravity Warfare (KS)

Solarius Mission 2nd ed. (KS)



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One Response to “The State of Games, Ep. 153 – The One About Origins 2018”
  1. Lee says:

    I was surprised to hear y’all raving about Fuzzy’s because that place started locally near me. Now I’m hungry for some tacos and a large margarita myself. Mmm!

    Like TC I’m a fan of the games Capstone is bringing to market, so I was curious about Carthago. Maybe I’ll just keep playing Three Kingdoms Redux after hearing his opinion. Endeavor is a great design! I’m glad you finally got to play it. I can’t wait to receive my blinged out KS copy of the reprint.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brad. It’s always nice to hear another point of view on the podcast.

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